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fun, gender neutral language for wedding pros who want to be inclusive!

Hey fellow wedding rockstars! Ready to sprinkle some inclusivity into your wedding vocab? Let's dive into some cool, non-formal, gender neutral terms to jazz up your website and social media. Time to make every couple feel seen and celebrated, no matter their love story.

Gender Neutral Language

Instead of Bride & Groom try - Lovebirds, The Awesome Twosome, Almost-Newlyweds, Sweethearts, To-be-Weds: Tired of the old "bride and groom" routine? Spice it up with terms like Lovebirds, The Awesome Twosome, Almost-Newlyweds, or Sweethearts. Let's keep it fresh and diverse, just like the couples/lovers we're working with! Move away from the restrictive bride-and-groom framework, allowing your clients to see themselves represented, irrespective of gender identity

Instead of Bridesmaid & Groomsmen try - Wedding Crew, Squad, Partners in Crime, Ride-or-Dies: Buh-bye, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen! Let's roll with Crew, Squad, Partners in Crime, or Ride-or-Dies. These terms bring out the team spirit without the gender-specific vibes. Now, who's ready to party with the crew?

Instead of Maid of Honour or Best Man try - Besties, VIPs, Main Squeezes, Partners in Fun: Sayonara Maid of Honour and Best Man! Give a shout-out to the Besties, VIPs, Main Squeezes, or Partners in Fun. Let's keep it light, playful, and make everyone feel like the main character in their own love story.

Party On, Language Rebels! Let's be rebels in the wedding world – breaking free from the old-school terms and embracing the awesome diversity of love. Celebrate in a way that feels true to the lovers you work with. Here's to mixing it up, having a blast, and making every wedding lingo as inclusive as possible!

Let's keep it real and make our language as fun and diverse as the couples/lovers we're working with. It's all about celebrating love, breaking the mould, and having a blast along the way. Cheers to love, laughter, and a language revolution in the wedding world!

3 portrait images for 3 separate LGBTQ+ couples. The first on the left is a Black straight facing couple, the women who is wearing a white jumpsuit is in the arms of the trans man who is wearing a black suit and bow tie. The middle image is of two people spraying champagne next to a wine glass tower surrounded but pink foil and paper streamers and a beautoful floral display of green, pink, yellow flowers on the floor. The 3rd picture on the right is of a lesbian couple, one who has long ginger hair is wearing a white sequin wedding jumpsuit whilst the other with tied back black hair is wearing a white long sleeve wedding dress and they are looking at each other whilst walking towards the camera
Images captured by Rebel Love Club

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Amy Sillince
19 de fev.

Love this thank you for sharing!

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