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An lgbt+ wedding directory

serving you true lgbtq+ inclusivity
for your big day with rebel love directory...

made by queers, for queers

"Embarking on your wedding journey? We get it. Finding LGBTQ+ inclusive suppliers can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. But we've got you babes! We've scouted the best—those who proudly stand as LGBTQ+ business owners or are fierce allies.

Say hello to your dream team, all set to make your day extraordinary!"

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Steff & Ells


Rebel Love Club logo on the website showing that the directory is founded by LGBTQ+ photographer and videographer Steff & Ell
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why do we need an lgbt+ wedding directory?

In a world where traditional directories often miss the mark, an LGBT+ wedding directory is the rebel yell we need! Let's face it babes, the conventional scene can overlook our diverse love stories. But this directory? It's a giant middle finger to the status quo! It ensures that every one —regardless of who they love or how they identify—has access to an incredible lineup of LGBTQ+ wedding venues, photographers, and other suppliers who not only get it, but champion inclusivity. It's about saying 'f**k you' to the limitations and celebrating every love story, flipping the bird to the patriarchy, one fabulous wedding at a time!

Purple outlined hand in a fist with the ring finder sticking up on Rebel Love Directory website

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