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creating a personalised lgbtq+ wedding ceremony: ideas and traditions to embrace

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Your wedding ceremony is a deeply personal and meaningful moment that celebrates your love and commitment to each other. As an LGBTQ+ couple, you have the opportunity to create a ceremony that reflects your unique identities, beliefs, and love story. Embracing inclusive traditions and personalising your ceremony can make your wedding day even more memorable and meaningful. Here are some ideas and traditions to consider as you plan your personalised LGBTQ+ wedding ceremony:

writing personalised vows

Consider writing your own vows that reflect your relationship, values, and promises to each other. Personalised vows can be a heartfelt and meaningful way to express your love and commitment, and they can include elements that are significant to your relationship.

Two brides wearing white dresses read out their personalised vows to each other on their wedding day in a stone walled courtyard in the Peak District

inclusive ceremony readings

Choose readings, poems, or songs that resonate with your relationship and celebrate love in all its forms. Look for inclusive and diverse readings that reflect your identities and beliefs, and consider asking friends or family members to read them during the ceremony.

LGBTQ+ personalised wedding reading from one of the brides best friends, reading from the book One Last Stop

lgbtq+ friendly rituals and symbols

Incorporate LGBTQ+ friendly rituals and symbols into your ceremony, such as:

Rainbow Colours: Use rainbow colours in your decor, attire, or accessories to symbolise LGBTQ+ pride and celebrate diversity.

Unity Ceremonies: Create a unique unity ceremony that symbolises your union, such as a unity candle, sand ceremony, or handfasting ritual, and personalise it to reflect your identities and relationship.

LGBTQ+ couple tie the knot during their hand fasting ceremony stood in front of glitter balls and LED lightning bolt lights

honouring lgbtq+ icons and history

Pay tribute to LGBTQ+ icons, activists, or historical moments that have had a significant impact on your lives or the broader LGBTQ+ community. Consider including a moment of reflection or acknowledgment during the ceremony to honour their contributions and celebrate progress towards equality and acceptance.

A shrine at an LGBTQ+ wedding reading "for those who came before us..." with a candle next to it remembering the LGBTQ+ people who came before us

celebrating your love story

Share your love story with your guests by incorporating elements that highlight significant moments, memories, or milestones in your relationship. Consider creating a timeline, slideshow, or storytelling segment during the ceremony to narrate your journey together and celebrate the unique bond you share.

You could also consider having a celebrant officiate your wedding ceremony instead of a registrar to create a more personalised and meaningful experience. A celebrant can work closely with you to tailor the ceremony to reflect your unique identities, beliefs, and love story. They can incorporate personalised vows, readings, rituals, and symbols that resonate with your relationship and create a heartfelt and memorable celebration. By choosing a celebrant, you have the flexibility to design a ceremony that truly reflects who you are as a couple and the love you share, making your wedding day even more special and meaningful.

A woman wearing a suit and a lapel mic holding a celebrant ceremony for an LGBTQ+ couple at Shack Revolution

creating inclusive traditions

Establish new traditions that are inclusive and reflect your shared values and beliefs. Whether it's exchanging meaningful gifts, getting ready together/walking down the aisle together, creating a time capsule or even creating a game to play on the day with your guests, find ways to make your ceremony uniquely yours and inclusive of your identities and love story.

Two grooms walking down the aisle one wearing a pastel purple suit and the other wearing a pastel blue suit, being cheered on by their wedding guests

Your wedding ceremony is a beautiful opportunity to celebrate your love, commitment, and unique identities as an LGBTQ+ couple. By personalising your ceremony with inclusive traditions, symbols, and rituals, you can create a meaningful and memorable celebration that truly reflects who you are and the love you share. Embrace your identities, honour your love story, and create a ceremony that resonates with your hearts and souls as you embark on this new chapter together.

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