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why do we need an lgbtq+ wedding supplier directory?

So, we've heard murmurings from a few people (naming no names, but if you've watched Ells GCSE Drama reel on IG then IYKYK) asking WHY do we need an LGBTQ+ wedding supplier directory and we thought it was about time that we addressed this and gave Barr... sorry I mean those people the answers they so desperately search...

It Creates Safe Spaces

An inclusive directory provides a curated list of suppliers who have been vetted for their inclusivity, creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ folk to express their love freely.

It Builds Community

By bringing together LGBTQ+ to-be-weds and inclusive wedding suppliers, Rebel Love Directory creates a sense of community and belonging. People can connect with suppliers who share their values and vision for their wedding day, creating meaningful and authentic experiences.

It Encourages Progress

By promoting LGBTQ+ inclusivity in the wedding industry, we can help drive positive change and progress toward a more equitable and accepting society. As more suppliers embrace inclusivity, it sets a precedent for others to follow suit.

It Supports Small Businesses

Choosing LGBTQ+ inclusive wedding suppliers through Rebel Love Directory, to-be-weds not only access inclusive services but also support the creativity and passion of these suppliers.

In summary, an LGBTQ+ inclusive wedding supplier directory serves as a vital resource for to-be-weds seeking inclusive and affirming vendors, promotes equality and representation, and creates a sense of community and belonging within the LGBTQ+ wedding community.

two people of colour stand on the stairs outside of The Shack Revolution one wearing a white wedding dress and a flower tiara whilst the other wears a burgundy suit with a floral buttonhole. At the top left of the image the black text reads "why do we need an lgbtq+ wedding directory?"

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