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cherry & fern celebrations


London, UK


Hannah (she/her)

LGBTQ+ Owned Wedding Supplier
Woman owned wedding supplier
5+ years experience as a wedding supplier
What do you offer?

Want a ceremony that’s laid back and relaxed, memorable and a bit weird, sweary and sweet, and unapologetically you? Then look no further…

Hey, I’m Hannah, and I’m the celebrant you need if you’re looking for the ultimate combo of feeling like you’re doing the adult thing and ticking the “wedding” box, but absolutely do not subscribe to the archaic trad vibes. Laidback, relaxed and memorable weddings, full of humour and heart are my bag. I love cats, IPA’s, getting sweaty at gigs, and hate TERFs and Tories in equal measure.

I have spent the last decade+ working backstage in the West End, being the person at the helm of high stakes, high stress situations, and having to remain calm on the surface even while the show may literally be crumbling around me! I bring this expertise in managing live events into everything I do as a celebrant, with the aim of making the whole process as stress-free as possible for you from start to finish. The aim of the game is for you to know you are in such safe hands that you can almost forget about the ceremony until you are standing there on the day, with teary eyes and beaming smiles!

I’m all about telling your story in your way - whether that’s gushing and romantic, lowkey and heartfelt, meaningful but understated, or banter and laughs all round - I’m here for it. I work with you to create your perfect ceremony, including friends and family as much (or as little!) as you want, exploring symbolic rituals, and crafting little surprises for you and your guests along the way.

Get in touch for a chat about what we could create together! One guarantee is that your ceremony will absolutely not be forgotten, take it from some of my past couples:

“She went above and beyond to ensure that our ceremony was not just an event, but a deeply meaningful and unforgettable experience for us and our guests” A&M

“Friends and family were so effusive with compliments for Hannah and our ceremony. So if you want a ceremony which is personal, can deliver emotion, laughs, sincerity, and give something to remember for the rest of your life, choose Hannah!” S&S

“I feel really lucky to have found her and so grateful for all the care she put into making our wedding day special” A&E

“Aim high. That was our goal for our wedding, and choosing Hannah was the right choice” D&N

Why do you want to work with the LGBTQ+ community?

Getting married as an LGBTQ+ couple is one of the most radical declarations of love and commitment there is. The fact that this centuries old tradition that cishet people covet so dearly is now accessible to any and every expression of sexuality and gender makes my heart sing!

I love nothing more than giving a big f-you-middle-finger to society, and working within the wedding industry can sometimes be conflicting to my feminist-anti-patriarchy beliefs, which is why I love working with LGBTQ+ couples more than anything. There is no greater way to celebrate your love and union than doing what straight couples take for granted and are able to do without a second thought.


One of my other jobs is teaching Equality, Diversity & Inclusion to young people working in the arts in the hopes to make it a more inclusive environment for future generations. I use inclusive language in my contact forms, questionnaires, website and social media, as well as in real life, and follow a range of LGBTQ+ content creators (special shout out to @justsaysk) and broaden my news cycle with accounts such as “Them”.

I am part of the LGBTQ+ community myself and celebrate your love, journey, and future along with you <3

don't forget to let me know that you found me on Rebel Love Directory!

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