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kaleido shoots


Brighton, Brighton and Hove, UK


V (they/them) & Lucy (she/they)

LGBTQ+ Owned Wedding Supplier
Woman owned wedding supplier
5+ years experience as a wedding supplier
What do you offer?

Kaleido Shoots is founded by V and Lucy, two versatile creatives who joined their forces in late 2018 to start what we now refer to as an inclusive & inspiring photographic practice.

We capture happenings of all kinds - that can expand within the performance, club and corporate settings. Movement, connection and love are things that get us excited which takes us to our second forte - we shoot weddings!

Our name is inspired by the word kaleidoscope which is a toy tube that contains mirrors, pieces of coloured glass and other shapes whose reflections produce changing patterns. On a symbolic level a kaleidoscope refers to the everchanging and endless possibilities contained in the human experience. Our inclusivity as a queer owned and queer friendly business is deeply reflected in our business name and values.

We focus on inclusivity and diversity, working with a wide range of clients and offering affordable options for couples from marginalized communities with low income.

Why do you want to work with the LGBTQ+ community?

As queer business owners we believe it’s our responsibility to use our skills for helping and supporting the community we are part of. We believe through our photographic practice we archive and document important queer centered events that will promote the LGBTQAI+ experience in the hope of more acceptance and celebration of queer joy.


As queer business owners and allies we have regularly volunteered our time to support LGBTQAI+ charities, queer marginalised clients and other queer focused events.

We regularly discuss across our social media about our work within the community such as documenting Trans Pride in Brighton and the importance of visibility and support.

Always checking pronouns with our new clients and equally sharing our pronouns is very important and it's part of our getting to know each other stage. Using the right pronouns is crucial to us.

Majority of our clients are from the LGBTQIA+ community, we love sharing their stories on our website and social media for more queer joy representation. We always check our clients' pronouns and discuss whether there is anything sensitive we should be aware of about their family dynamics (especially on their wedding day).

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