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kate mccarthy photography


Manchester, UK

Nationwide, International

Kate (she/her)

LGBTQ+ Owned Wedding Supplier
Woman owned wedding supplier
5+ years experience as a wedding supplier
What do you offer?

I gravitate toward the ephemera of a wedding day, the romantic, the in-between. I want my photography to transport you back to, above all, how it felt.

Why do you want to work with the LGBTQ+ community?

I want my work and art to reflect my own personal values as an active and vocal ally. I want to tell ALL love stories, to be inclusive in all aspects of my life.


Several years ago, wonderful Ky of LGBTQ Equality Weddings (now defunct I believe) gave my website and socials an ‘inclusivity audit’ to ensure the language I was using was inclusive reflective of my allyship. As a cis/het middle class white lady I’m painfully aware of the privilege I have merely by existing and am equally hesitant to extol my virtues at the risk of performative allyship. I simply remain open, keep mindful of the language I use, donate and volunteer my time and skills (and sometimes cash when I can) to organisations that support the LGBTQ+ community like New Wave Skate UK & Mermaids.

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