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mark caffrey ceremonies


Hastings, UK

South East, London, Northern Ireland, International

Mark (he/him)

LGBTQ+ Owned Wedding Supplier
Woman owned wedding supplier
5+ years experience as a wedding supplier
What do you offer?

I care about celebrating you on your own terms. I’ll bring all of my curiosity, empathy, creativity and writing skills to shape a ceremony that’ll fill you and your guests with joy.

Why do you want to work with the LGBTQ+ community?

I grew up in N Ireland in the 80s where discrimination had too much of an influence on our lives in too many ways – including preventing LGBTQ+ people like me from freely expressing love and attraction on our own terms. This influences my approach to creating ceremonies. I centre you as a couple, celebrating all that is personal, unique and authentic in your journey and story.


I’m proud to be a LGBTQ+ wedding supplier and passionate about actively evolving the wedding industry and challenging assumptions, attitudes and stereotypes. 

Weddings aside, I'm passionate about inclusion in all its forms, co-creating services and projects and bringing collective voices together for social change. I've also shaped chosen name and affirmation ceremonies together with trans, non-binary and gender expansive clients.

Each year, a portion of my fees are donated to LGBTQ+ charities and grassroots initiatives - such as Pay It Forward shares for Friends of The Joiners Arms (2022) and the first Trans Pride Hastings (2023).

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