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april spotlight: leading lgbtq+ inclusive wedding suppliers

Planning your dream wedding is like putting together the perfect playlist – every choice matters, especially when it comes to selecting vendors who truly get you. Let's turn up the spotlight on these amazing folks who aren't just suppliers; they're allies, advocates, and champions of Queer love. Here's a closer look at the game-changers leading the charge in LGBTQ+ inclusivity.

Who said floral arrangements have to be basic? Freckles and Flowers take flower power to the next level with their whimsical designs that scream personality. Whether you're all about wild blooms or minimalist chic, Georgia has got you covered – and she's all about spreading love in every bouquet.

Not only is Georgia an INCREDIBLE florist, but she really does smash education across her social media, helping to drive the wedding industry into a more inclusive space.

Two Brides walking down the aisle after getting married holding gorgeous wedding bouquets from Freckles and Flowers
Image: Photos By Jess Rose

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter beauty looks and hello to self-expression with Rosie Roberts Beauty. Rosie isn't just about slaying makeup; she's about making you feel like the fierce, fabulous unicorn you are. With Rosie, your wedding glam game is sure to be on point – and authentically you.

Rosie is also a FIERCE ALLY, with a whole list of things that she has implemented into her work and every day life, including opening up her salon as a meeting spot prior to pride to offer a safe space for people who don’t feel safe attending pride on their own, to make friends & have a quieter & calmer meeting point. What a babe!

Rosie Roberts Beauty applying wedding make up to a person sat in blakc and white love heart PJs before their wedding day
Image: Matt Sim Photography

Buckle up, because The Giraffe Shed isn't your grandma's wedding venue – it's a quirky oasis of love and laughter in the heart of rural Wales. Think confetti cannons, rainbow vibes, and dancing 'til dawn. Oh, and did we mention they're all about inclusivity? Because they are, and they're here to make your wedding dreams come true, no matter who you love.

Hannah, who runs The Giraffe Shed used to a wedding photographer herself and understands the ins and outs of the wedding, including LGBTQ+ weddings. She has been an active ally supporting all of us Queer Owned businesses for the last few years and we LOVE shouting about The Giraffe Shed!

A wide angle image of the Giraffe Shed, an industrial looking barn that has been converted into an alternative wedding venue in rural wales. It has large glass windows at one end and each side is lined with wooden tables and chairs and a mix of fresh and dried florals
Image: This Modern Revelry

Kim Williams Weddings isn't your average photographer; Kim's your personal love story paparazzi. From stolen glances to full-on belly laughs, they capture every precious moment with a blend of artistry and heart. Plus, Kim is all about celebrating love in all its forms.

Kim is an active member of the community, she often speaks out on Instagram and is up there with the leaders in the business pushing to make the wedding industry a more inclusive one. Everyone should be a little more Kim.

Two people on their wedding day wearing dark blue and green wedding suits, they stand amongst long green grass holding eachothers hands. Both have beards, one with long brown hair and the other whit short brown/grey hair
Image: Kim Williams Weddings

Let's face it – your love story deserves more than a copy and paste ceremony. That's where Celebrant Kathryn comes in, crafting personalised, one-of-a-kind ceremonies that are as unique as you are.

Kathryn is an active ally to all marginalised communities and often speaks out about this across social media, speaking up and offering advise on how to have a more inclusive and authentically you day.

Two people stand at the end of the aisle, one wearing a ruffled white wedding dress and veil in their blonde hair and the other wearing a dark blue suit with their long brown hair tied back, whilst Celebrant Kathryn leads the ceremony
Image: Mark Bothwell Photography

Who says wedding planning has to be stressful? Not Queer Weddings, that's for sure. They're your fairy godmothers (or godfathers, or gender-neutral fairy folk) of wedding planning, here to sprinkle a little extra love and glitter on your big day. Plus, they're all about supporting LGBTQ+ couples and making sure your wedding is a safe, inclusive space for everyone.

Table layout at a wedding set up by Queer Weddings

Ready for your close-up? Rebel Love Club isn't just here to document your wedding – they're here to capture the magic, the laughter, and the love that makes your day truly unforgettable. Whether you're tearing up the dance floor or stealing kisses under the stars, they'll be there to preserve every precious moment, just like it deserves.

Not only do they offer epic wedding photography and wedding videography but they are active about their allyship to their community across all of their socials and advocate loudly for the LGBTQ+ community and anyone who is marginalised.

A Bride wearing a white long sleeved wedding dress and holding pink and white floral bouquet holds the hand of her non-binary partner who is wearing a dark wedding suit with bright yellow shoes and has short light brown hair and wears glasses
Image: Rebel Love Club

These aren't just wedding vendors; they're your wedding day dream team. So why settle for anything less? With these LGBTQ+ champions by your side, your big day is sure to be as epic, inclusive, and downright fabulous as you are.

Of course, these are just a select handful of the incredible wedding suppliers that are LGBTQ+ inclusive here on at Rebel Love Directory. But these suppliers are the ones who have really stood out to us this month.

Be sure to check back in next month to see who are our star suppliers in May!

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