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celebrating international women's day: 6 ways men can make a difference

International Women's Day is a powerful occasion to honour and amplify the voices of women around the world. For men who want to actively contribute to gender equality, this day provides a wonderful opportunity to take meaningful actions. Here are six impactful ways men can celebrate and support women on International Women's Day and beyond.

  1. Amplify Women's Voices: One of the most effective ways to support women is by actively listening and amplifying their voices. Use your platform, whether it's in the workplace, social circles, or online, to uplift women's ideas, opinions, and achievements. Share and promote the work of women in your community, giving them the recognition they deserve.

  2. Educate Yourself on Women's Issues: Take the time to educate yourself on the challenges women face globally and locally. Read books, articles, and research on women's rights, gender equality, and intersectionality. Understanding the issues women encounter is crucial for fostering empathy and becoming an informed advocate for change.

  3. Be an Ally in the Workplace: In professional settings, strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment. Champion equal opportunities for women, actively advocate for diversity in leadership, and address any instances of sexism or discrimination. Supporting and promoting the talents of your female colleagues contributes to a more equitable workplace.

  4. Challenge Stereotypes and Gender Norms: Actively challenge traditional gender norms and stereotypes. Encourage open conversations about masculinity and femininity, and recognize that everyone benefits from breaking free from limiting expectations. By challenging gender norms, men can contribute to creating a world where everyone is free to express themselves authentically.

  5. Support Women-Owned Businesses: Put your economic power to good use by supporting women-owned businesses. Whether it's shopping locally, hiring women entrepreneurs, or investing in companies with diverse leadership, your choices can contribute to economic empowerment. Celebrate the achievements of women in business and help break down barriers they may face.

  6. Take Action Against Gender-Based Violence: Gender-based violence remains a pervasive issue globally, affecting women and girls disproportionately. Men can take action by speaking out against all forms of violence and harassment, challenging harmful attitudes, and promoting healthy and respectful relationships. Stand up against gender-based violence in your community and support initiatives that provide resources and support to survivors.

International Women's Day is not just about women; it's a day for everyone to come together in the pursuit of gender equality. Men play a crucial role in this journey, and by taking these six actions, you can actively contribute to a more equitable and inclusive world. Let's celebrate the achievements of women, acknowledge the work still to be done, and collectively strive for a future where gender equality is the norm.

Two women stood in front of Tower Bridge, London playfully pick each other up. One woman has long brown hair half tied up and lifts the other woman who has short brown hair tied back.

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